How great is Your goodness that You have stored up for those who fear you,

and accomplished in the sight of everyone for those who take refuge in You.

Ps. 31:19 HCSB (Davidic Psalm)

The Lord Jesus promised His disciples that they would be like a lighted candle put on display for everyone to see (Matt. 5:15-16). He desires to be glorified in our lives often through the difficulties we face in life. It can seem at times like we are on display–our weaknesses showing–to those around us. Yet it is precisely during these times that God wants to be glorified in our lives “in the sight of everyone”. God knows our “failing point”; that point when our faith begins to fail and we sink into self-pity and depression or give in to temptation. But it is at this point that God extends His grace to us if we will receive it. John the Baptist reached this point when he was thrown into prison. He sent messengers to Jesus to ask Him if He really was the Messiah, or should they look for someone else (Matt. 11:1-15). Peter reached his failing point when he began to sink after walking on water towards Jesus (Matt. 14:22-23). And another time when he denied that he knew the Lord three times (Matt. 26:69-75). Yet what was the Lord’s response in these instances? Jesus turned and praised John to the crowd rather than rebuke him for his doubt. Jesus reached out and caught Peter as he was sinking. And Jesus prayed for Peter knowing that he would deny Him, and restored Peter afterwards (Luke 22:31-32).

Proverbs 3:34b states, “…He gives grace to the afflicted” (NASB).

He knows what we are going through. He knows our failing point. He gives grace to the afflicted. It’s when we reach that failing point and need help outside of ourselves that God is most ready to answer our cry for help and be glorified in our lives for all to see. There is nowhere we can fall that He cannot catch us!

Lord, when we fail, help us to see Your grace towards us. There is no one like You, Lord! No god ever invented in the mind of man comes anywhere near Your goodness! May You reign in our hearts forever! Amen.