About the Author

Graduated 2006 from Calvary Chapel Bible College Costa Mesa CA. with an Associate Degree in Theology.
Ordained pastor through Calvary Monterey
Trained to conduct Inductive Bible Study Seminars
Served as Elder/Board member of Calvary Monterey for over ten years.
Taught the Bible in small group settings for over ten years.
Taught the Bible at Salinas Valley State Prison through Prison Fellowship for over seven years.
Taught Bible courses at Calvary Chapel Monterey Bible College Extension Campus.
I have a passion for church history and patristic writings.
I embrace the Nicene Creed as an orthodox confession of faith, and I believe in the plenary and verbal inspiration of scripture.

I am happily married to my wife Carol, and we have been married for 24 years. We have one 23 year old son Dean. We have a dog named Zoey and a cockatiel named Sweetie-bird. We have lived on the Monterey Peninsula for about 23 years.




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